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Moore Stephens Sicilia Mission

Moore Stephens International is an international association of independent professional companies based in London.

All over the world, Moore Stephen’s associates share common values: integrity, personalisation, quality, technical competence and global vision. We are committed to providing a complete fulfilment of our Clients’ demands and to create a positive and challenging work environment.

Over a hundred years Moore Stephens provided its national and international Clients with solutions that helped them achieve their aims.  

Moore Stephens International is committed to keeping close contact among its associates in order to guarantee complete and up-to-date services able to meet professional standards and to provide an added value in every country. 

All the associates feel the need to work in close contact with their collaborators, in order to guarantee a real increase in the added value to the audit services, with a concrete and lasting impact in terms of performance improvement.

Moore Stephens Sicilia offers its services not in the capacity of an aseptic auditor, on the contrary, we aim at identifying the companies peculiarities and at being on the entrepreneurs and managers’ side in the path towards improvement and development, especially in such a difficult context as the Sicilian one.

Our features, which we share with the Moore Stephens International network, include: integrity and a profound respect for the ethical values; quality of the service; technical competence; respect for the professional standards; constant contact with the Client by offering a significant and direct contribution from the partner in charge and our expert staff.

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